Stem cell studies.

How to reduce the effects of aging.

The author, recent photo aged 91.

These stem cell studies may help you to reverse aging.

Most people would love to be able to achieve this.

Wouldn’t it be great to "know what you now know" and still be young again!!!

You wouldn't make those same mistakes again would you?

It is not possible to completely reduce the effects of aging but we now can slow aging down.

When we were younger many of us were burning the candle at both ends and busily enjoying ourselves.

We didn’t concern ourselves with things like our diet or our health as we thought we were going to live forever.

As we got older however, our ideas changed and then we started to concern ourselves with things like trying to hide or prevent signs of our aging.

Cosmetics helped and things like trying to get rid of wrinkles were tried.

Maybe even improving our diet!!

The main reason people go on a diet is to lose weight and therefor look better.

WOW! We could then buy more attractive clothing!

Anything that can improve our appearance will make us feel better.

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you are too big to fit into that great looking outfit?

By reducing the fats in our diet we have been led down a false trail.

Our sugar consumption is a major source of weight gain.

See Sugar addiction.

Sugar consumption also plays havoc with our health.

Not only is it the main cause of diabetes but it sure won’t help you to reduce the effect of aging.

A prominent Professor Dr John Yulkin at a major United States University states that our sugar consumption is poisoning us.

At long last stem cell studiers are now telling us there is a growing awareness our sugar consumption is causing us

If you want to increase your life span, one of the best things you can do is greatly reduce your sugar consumption.

Sugar consumption is now causing sugar diabetes to reach plague proportions.

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Previously huge sums of money was spent on embryonic stem cells without having any success.

This unfortunately gave the use of stem cells lots of disappointments.

Stem cells are now having considerable success since  attention is now being directed to adult stem cells.

Keep following stem cell studies as this is going to have a major impact on our health in the future.

To your future good health.

Eddie Mace.

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