Stem cell researching.

This can now reduce aging effects.

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Stem cell researching has an interesting history.

Stem cells didn’t start coming into the limelight until quite recently.

A number of discoveries had occurred earlier, dating back as far as the early 1900’s.

In 1968, the first bone marrow transplant was performed and further discoveries were made over the years until in 1998 more major discoveries were made at different universities.

Gael. R. Martin from the University of California coined the term “EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS” after her work with these cells.

This term has continued and is in constant use today.

In 1998, Thompson, from the University of Wisconsin, isolated cells from the inner cell mass of early embryos and Gearhart, from Johns Hopkins University, derived cells from the gonad tissue.

Since then stem cell researching has taken off, so that today there are over 4000 research projects being investigated throughout the world.

This research has been concentrated on embryonic stem cells which however has caused a great deal of controversy, particularly from religious circles because this research has involved the destruction of human embryos.

This has unfortunately slowed down stem cell researching.

However new research has continued and is now concentrated on adult stem cells which do not result in the destruction of enbrios.

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Adult stem cells are already being used to treat many conditions such as heart disease and leukaemia.

We have seen research reports of patients with spinal injury and multiple sclerosis benefiting from stem cell therapy.

Most of this is unfortunately very expensive.

However there has now been great success which is producing wonderful results with little expense.

This important success has been achieved by a Canadian scientist.

This  Canadian scientist Christian Drapeau MSc, seen here, has discovered a botanical product which can increase the stem cells circulating in the blood stream by up to 43%.

This great product came from stem cell researching, has now been patented and is now becoming available in many countries.

This product is not expensive and has a 6 month money back guarantee.

The future of medicine is shifting from dependency on drugs to other methods like stem cells technology.

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We are already seeing a vast amount of money being spent on alternative health care products like vitamins etc.

Age problems seems to be accepted as normal as people get older, however this product is proving very successful for many people irrespective of age.

We have now received a great number of success stories from using this product some of which are available here.

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This is a great product; I am 92 and now doing extremely well.

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