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Stem cell research poll using the internet.

What I have discovered is that a lot of people are opposed to any stem cell research because they don’t realise the difference between using embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells.

There is a strong disagreement in using embryonic cells and many people don’t realise the huge difference between these cells and the adult stem cells.

The main disagreement seems to be the consequent destruction of human embryos that are used for research into these embryonic stem cells.

I am sure if this was properly understood this would have a big impact on many people’s attitudes to stem cell research.

However, a lot more is now being understood and this has now changed the attitudes of a lot of people.

A great deal of attention is now being directed to adult stem cells as this does not require the destruction of human embryos.

A lot of progress is now occurring using these adult stem cells whereas embryonic stem cell research is bogging down in spite of the huge sums of money being spent in this area.

As a matter of interest, up to this date there has not been one successful method of using these embryonic cells to improve any of our health issues.

On the other hand quite a lot of success is now occurring using adult stem cells.

Whereas a lot of resistance to the use of embryonic stem cells emanated from religious circles, particularly the Catholic Church.

The use of adult stem cells however, is now being supported and encouraged even by the Pope himself.

It’s great to see stem cell research being supported by a huge organisation like the Catholic Church.

Congratulations to them as the following video shows their support for this research .

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There are various areas of research using adult stem cells; many of them in universities around the world, others by private organisations some of which are being supported by governments.

Generally speaking this stem cell research poll indicates, considerable progress is now being achieved by using these adult stem cells.

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One of the most promising areas of success has been achieved by a Canadian scientist, Christian Drapeau MSc, who has achieved major success with a botanical plant derived product which is now being distributed and sold in 23 different countries.

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