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This article will provide you with useful information on stem cell research.

Around about the turn of the century great interest was developing in stem cells and lots of wild claims began to be made about using embryonic stem cells and their potential for healing all sorts of maladies and physical difficulties.

The potential for utilising these cells is still enormous, however several great problems have to be overcome before any real progress can be made with any health benefits.

First, when we try to introduce cells that are not native to the body, its immune system can reject them as foreign matter.

Secondly, these cells have a mind of their own and they can’t be controlled. For example, once introduced into a living body they can take off and can become uncontrollable tumours.

After millions of research dollars has been spent, there has not been one successful medical application for their use.

More recently however investigation with adult stem cells, which had originally been largely abandoned because of difficulties with their use, is now showing great promise, but unfortunately it can be an expensive and costly process.

However, there is another area of considerable promise which lies in increasing your own stem cell supply within our own body. We now know that using stem cells is our body’s own natural repair system and if you can increase their supply this can have marked effect on your health.

Great progress has already been achieved in this area by a research scientist who has isolated a natural product which is capable of increasing your available stem cells by up to 30% and we are receiving some amazing recovery reports emanating from its use.

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