Stem cell research ethics.

How to reduce the effects of aging.

The author. Eddie Mace. aged 92, recent picture 2012

Stem cell research ethics disputes.

This dispute is a great pity because this has great potential for our future health.

The main controversy is around the use of embryonic stem cells.

I don’t wish to get involved in this dispute, however, I would like to make it known that in spite of the huge sums of money being spent on embryonic stem cells, no beneficial result has yet been achieved to improve our health.

On the other hand as far as I can see there does not appear to be any controversy regarding the use of adult stem cells.

At a younger age adult stem cells were widely distributed throughout the body and we now know these are essential for our health and well being.

These  adult stem cells circulating in or blood stream are absolutely essential for our health.

As we get older however, from about 30 years of age on, the number of these adult cells declines so that at about 50 we have a great shortage of these important cells and our health unfortunately declines.

There is not a sudden collapse, however it take's longer to recover from any disability or illness.

There is a new health approach now being made.

By increasing the supply of stem cells in our body, great health improvements are now happening.

This is now a patented procedure and if you would like to know more about this

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This should now completely overcomes any stem cell research ethics problems.

As a result of the great work of a scientific investigator, Christian Drapeau, MSc, we can now increase the stem cells circulating in our blood stream at little cost.

This gives us a very affordable and highly successful system of health care which almost anyone can afford.

This has now been achieved as a result of the discovery by this scientist.

This is now a patented procedure and if you would like to know more about this great scientists work I suggest

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I hope this may help clear up any uncertainty on stem cell research.

To your future health.

Eddie Mace.