Stem cell research debate.

The author, Eddie Mace recent photo, aged 91.

Stem cell research debate has seen a lot of disagreement in recent years.

However, this debate was largely centered around the use of embryonic stem cells and was largely influenced by religious views and attitudes.

In the past, although over a multi million dollars was spent on investigating embryonic stem cells, there has not been even one successful application using these embryonic cells to improve our health.

The Vatican and other religious organisations which were strongly opposed to this research, were behind the scenes quite involved in this stem cell research debate.

More recently however, with the shift to researching with adult stem cells, things have changed dramatically.

We now see a lot of support for investigations with these adult stem cells.

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Great progress is now being achieved since the attention has now shifted to adult stem cells.

A number of successes have been made; the most important one in my estimation has already achieved great success and a lot of people are now benefiting from this discovery.

A Canadian scientist Christian Drapeau, MSc.seen here

has after several years of investigation discovered a natural product which greatly increases the number of stem cells circulating in the blood stream.

This has a pronounced effect on the ability of the body to repair itself.

It does this by using a stem cell anti aging supplement which can resolve a lot of physical disabilities.

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Stem cell research is now revealing a lot of important information which will have a pronounced effect on our health and longevity.

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I hope I have provided some answers to your interest in stem cell research.

I wish you good health as we all steadily become older.

Eddie Mace.