Stem cell research controversy.

The author. Eddie Mace, recent photo aged 91.

 Have a Stem cell research controversy?

This was probably due to the fact that all major work on stem cells in the past was directed to EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS  and there was a lot of controversy on this subject largely based on religious grounds.

However, the great progress now being achieved is coming NOT from embryonic stem cells but from ADULT STEM CELLS.

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Adult stem cells.

Using adult stem cells does not pose a threat to life in any form, whereas working with embryonic stem cells required an early stage of life termination and this caused a lot of controversy.

It is interesting that after 11 years of work and over 1 billion dollars expenditure world-wide, no practical use of embryonic stem cells has so far been achieved .

However, using ADULT stem cells is already producing interesting results and this area of adult stem cells offers us a tremendous opportunity to escape from our dependance on the drugs approach to health.

This man looks unhappy and I would too.

Whilst drugs offered us some relief from various difficulties, DRUGS THEMSELVES NEVER CURED ANYTHING.

Without exception the use of drugs always produces side effects, some mild and some serious.

All drugs can do is to try and hide the underlying problem often with undesirable and sometimes even dangerous side effects.

Great progress is now being achieved with adult stem cells and a Canadian scientist has succeeded in isolating a product from an aquatic plant that has been scientifically proven to increase the stem cells circulating in our body to a very large degree.

The stem cells circulating in our blood stream play a major role in maintaining our health.

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This stem cell  product has been well researched and is now patented in over 20 different countries.

We now know our health can be greatly affected by the number of stem cells circulating in our body.

Stem cells are the bodies built in repair system and anything we can do to increase their availability in our blood stream will materially support and improve our health.

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