Anti aging advice.

Anti aging advice is now attracting a lot of attention.

What is now happening in health care?

This particularly applies to us who are aware of the problems that medical drugs can cause us. We are now turning where ever possible to other forms of effective anti aging advice.

The advent of stem cells research and anti aging supplements brings us some valuable and interesting advice for our future welfare.

This is now starting to have a significant effect on our future anti aging prospects.

These biological discoveries about stem cells and the way we treat disease is going to shift from the drug paradigm to a new viewpoint which we hope will minimise the use of drugs.

We should in fact be thankful for drugs, even though they do not cure anything. They however at least helped to alleviate some of our discomfort and difficulties and we should be thankful for that.

Unfortunately in a lot of cases little attempt was made by our Doctors to find out what was causing our problems in the first place and we are given drugs to hide our difficulties. Also drugs themselves were often causing us additional unwanted side effects.

Time moves on and anti aging advice is now attracting more attention as people go searching for anti aging supplements.

New discoveries are occurring at a rapid rate as old ideas are being replaced by the new.

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In the past a lot of expense and medical tests were involved in trying to isolate and determine what drug to use so that something could prescribed to alleviate our difficulties.

Now however, even when we don't know what is causing the source of our difficulties our stem cells are able to go to work busily trying to care for and repair our body.

What about anti aging?

Can stem cells replace the aging and declining cells? Can stem cells overcome disease?

Douglas A. Melton, PhD. has studied how stem cells in the pancreas and its insulin-producing beta cells work towards trying to control the sugar we consume. These cells have been destroyed in patients with type 1 diabetes.

How big a problem is diabetes in our modern world?

Ultimately, his studies could lead to ways to generate new pancreatic beta cells that could be used as a treatment for diabetes.

Thomas A. Rando, MD, PhD, Professor, Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences, Stanford University School of Medicine, thinks stem cell healing may help older patients who have difficulty overcoming problems in recovering after surgery.

The possibilities are limitless as ongoing discoveries are constantly being made.

In the mean-time great progress has been made by a research scientist working with a little known aqua botanical called AFA.

This has now been clinically proven to increase the supply of our own stem cells. This product has now been extensively tested and has now been patented.

Remarkable improvements in a large number of illnesses has been achieved using this amazing product and if you would like more information on this

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