Stem cell line.

A stem cell line is generally derived from a human or animal tissue and is then used in laboratory research work “ in vitro” meaning in Glass.

By this method and under special conditions these cells can be replicated for long periods of time and are thus is very valuable for research and development work.

This system has been used extensively with embryonic stem cells, but in spite of the enormous amount of money and effort spent on these cells there has not been even one success in terms health benefits we can utilize so far.

On the other hand great progress is now being achieved using adult stem cells.

Whereas a considerable number of achievements with adult stem cells is now coming from using these cells directly in the human body, rather than working in ("in vitro") laboratory conditions.

This is great news, however we still have the problem of the enormous costs involved which will make any success outside the reach of most people.

We need a procedure which can utilise these great discoveries in a more cost effective manner and in this regard the work of an investigative scientist Christian Drapeau ,MSc is providing some very exciting answers.

See benefits of stem cell research

You can see some of the results of this scientists discoveries by Leaving stem cell line--go to stem cell miracles

There you will find a great deal of information which I believe will make some of the benefits of this great technology within the reach of a lot of ordinary people.

His great discovery is not a drug, but has been scientifically proven and patented. Therefore it has not had to go through the enormous costs of drug approval making it relatively cheap to purchase.

To your future health.