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Stem cell companies prospects have now improved as great progress is now being made using adult stem cells.

There had been a lot of disappointment after millions of dollars had been spent on embryonic stem cells with no real health care results being achieved.

13 years ago when these cells were first isolated there was great excitement in health care research circles as stem cell organisations poured millions of dollars into embryonic stem cell research.

Unfortunately without finding a safe method of using them.

Because of the great prospects this stem discovery discovery opened up there were great hopes to escape from our dependence on medical drugs with all their undesirable side effects.

The use of embryonic stem cells has also stirred up a lot of religious disagreements about using these stem cells and this has affected and unfortunately slowed the research progress on all stem cells.

More recently however, the attention has now shifted onto adult stem cells where important results are now being discovered without any cause for religious or other disagreements.

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As we move forward with stem cell research a lot of important discoveries are now being made.

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Already some people are having benefits from using these adult stem cells and a lot of good progress is now being made.

To date this has unfortunately required some expensive procedures which will I am sorry to say will limit their use.

However there is a light at the end of the tunnel and this has come from the research of a Canadian Scientist who after several years of work has uncovered a low cost highly workable solution to increasing the number of stem cells circulating in our blood stream.

We now know that the number of stem cell available in our blood stream establishes and helps our our ability to recover from various illnesses.

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The big thing about this discovery is that the result has produced a product that it is within the reach of most people as it is not that expensive.

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