Stem cell clinical trial.

Reduce the effects of aging.

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Stem cell clinical trials are happening across the world.

By using clinical trials there is greater hope that these tests will be better accepted and their importance recognised.

The present use of drug therapy, although it has provided relief for many people in the past, there is always unwanted side effects from the use of drugs.

Most people just accept the Dr’s prescription and take the recommended medication, (The Doctor knows best)

If you ask your druggist or pharmacist for information on the drug which the Doctor prescribed you will be amazed at the listed side effects it can cause.

All drugs are poisonous; otherwise they could not be listed as a drug.

The number of stem cell clinical trials now taking place is great news as it may result in an alternative to our dependence on drugs .

The bulk of this research was initially directed  to EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS; however, after millions of dollars had been spent on this research, there has not been one successful application to improve our health.

Earlier there were also many failed attempts at using ADULT STEM CELLS.

Because of the associated difficulties in trying to use these cells, these tests were initially abandoned.

Today however, it’s a different story; progress is now rapidly occurring and is in fact producing great prospects for our future health.

A lot of progress is now occurring using these adult stem cells, unfortunately one of the big difficulties has been the high costs involved.

It is fine to make big scientific discoveries, however it is also important that this information is viable financially. It does not have much application if it is too costly for use.

One of the best and most successful discoveries to up-to-date, has been achieved by a Canadian scientist who has created a dramatic scientific breakthrough by using a type of fresh water plant.

This unusual discovery has now been patented worldwide, is available in 23 different countries and has a money back guarantee.

This discovery has resulted in the body being able to increase the number of stem cells circulating in its blood stream by up to 25%.

This is a remarkable discovery which then enables the body itself to carry out its own repairs and thereby achieving greater health.

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This information should help clarify the importance of this great discovery.

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I am sure these important discoveries will have a large impact on our future health.

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