Stem cell and diabetes.

The author,recent picture aged 91.

This information about Stem cell and diabetes may interest you even if you don't have diabetes .

There have been some discoveries regarding diabetes which can have a big effect on your future health and longevity.

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There is a new natural stem cell product which is already producing some outstanding results for many people.

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No, it’s not an embryonic stem cell product but an adult stem cells discovery of great importance.

I am 91 years old, am fit and well now, have a blood pressure 130/70 and thankfully don’t need any drugs, least of all insulin.

The need to take insulin can have a large effect on peoples lives but the alternative is even worse.

Although my sugar level hadn't reached the stage of needing insulin I had reached the stage of being pre-diabetic with all its associated problems.

I narrowly avoided becoming a full blown diabetic which I now know was due to the amount of sugar I had become addicted to.

This type 2 diabetic problem has now reached plague proportions and is steadily becoming worse due to our sugar use.

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People are having great success using a stem cell product which is capable of helping your body overcome a whole range of health difficulties.

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