Slowing ageing.

You can reduce effects of ageing!

The author. Eddie Mace, recent photo aged 92.

Slowing ageing becomes important as we get older.

As you are reading this I am sure you have some worthwhile purposes and still want to go on enjoying life.

That alone is a big plus for your longevity, congratulations!

I am 92 years old and feel I can speak with some authority on this subject.

People without any real meaningful purpose for living usually die younger.

Slowing ageing is strongly affected by your enjoyment of life and your purpose for living!

Now, I would like to offer some valuable information which could increase your longevity quite considerably.

In the past I helped to keep the medical drugs companies happy but they will now have to get by without my support as I no longer need them.

Reaching the stage where we depended on medical drugs was bad news for our longevity.

Anything you can do to reduce or minimise the use of medical drugs is good news for your ongoing future.

Today more people are becoming aware of this and the quantity of things like vitamins now being consumed is amazing.

I support the use of vitamins as I believe they are capable of slowing ageing and have been using them for years; however I have also been searching for any supplement that could assist my health as I grew older.

I became interested in stem cells, however abandoned that idea as I was not happy about the use of embryonic stem cells which requires the destruction of human embryos.

See Embryonic stem cells debate.

More recently adult stem cells discoveries are beginning to produce some amazing benefits and I am now using a stem cell product which has enabled me to improve my health very considerably.

I am happy to say that I am now almost free from the use of medical drugs. Don’t even need blood pressure medication as this now measures on average 130/70.

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See Anti aging supplement.

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This product is remarkably priced and doesn’t cost a fortune.

There is a no questions asked money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied.

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To your future health.

Eddie Mace.