Nutritional deficency.


How many of us eat a well-balanced diet? Many of us eat what we enjoy with no concern for the consequences until we feel unwell, try to use drugs and then reluctantly are forced to look at our diet.

Sweet tasting things are far too tempting and we consume vast amounts of sugar with the result we become sugar addicted.

A recent report stated about one third of our diet is now composed of sugar. It is now extremely difficult to avoid sugar as it is now part of almost everything we eat.

When it was decided that fat was the reason we were putting on weight we attempted to reduce our fat consumption. The food manufacturers reduced fat which left a lot of our food uninteresting and unappitising.

To solve this problem sugar was introduced into nearly everything we eat.


Did you know sugar is the number one source of calories in the United States? We have now abandoned a well-balanced diet and consume a huge amount of sugar.

Do you know what is the average amount of sugar we consume each year?

Three years ago the average consumption of sugar was 165 pounds per person per year. I am sure that has now increased as it has already been doing for the past several years.

But that is only half the story.

A lot of sugar is now being replaced by dextrose which is a chemical derived from maize and hydrochloric acid.

This suits the manufacturers because it can be produced at half the price of sugar and it is also much sweeter so you don't need as much of it.

We now know dextrose is far worse for us than sugar and there is now a movement afoot to ban its use.

There is already some degree of control in areas of Europe.

This addiction has caused a great deal of nutritional deficiency which in itself has resulted in all sorts of things like the vast increase in sugar diabetes.

This deficiency problem in nutrition is also causing our current weight problems which are now reaching plague proportions and our sugar addiction is a major source of this.

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