Issues of stem cell research.

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The issues of stem cell research is now attracting a lot of attention.

The interest in this was largely developed about 14 years ago when James Thomson and his staff discovered human embryonic stem cells at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

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Since the time of that discovery there has been an enormous amount of money primarily directed to research on embryonic stem cells.

To date, in spite of the huge amount of money spent this work has not produced any workable method or system for the use of these cells for any useful form of therapy.

This was in spite of the high expectations it was hoped could be achieved by using these embryonic stem cells.

Stated in a nutshell, these embryonic cells are unfortunately very prone to develop into cancerous forms and are therefore too risky to use.

However, despite those earlier disappointments a lot of success is now being achieved using ADULT STEM CELLS.

These cells had been earlier abandoned due to what was then thought to be insurmountable difficulties.

Currently these adult stem cells are leading the way and it now seems that these adult cells have already been achieving some great results.

One of the biggest problems seems to be the cost of these procedures which therefor limits there value.

However, there has been a big breakthrough by the above Canadian scientist which is achieving great results and importantly at a very minimal cost.

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