History stem cell.

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History stem cell, or maybe it should read history of stem cells.

I haven’t a clue about the beginning or history of stem cells as there history must go back to the beginning of life on this planet.

However our discovery of their existence and their important function is only now being recognised in the medical science world in spite of tremendous progress in so many other areas of technology and science.

The importance and discovery of these cells was only recognised in the medical science world very recently, around the turn of this century.

It amazes me that this has only now been revealed when we see the other tremendous discoveries that science has made in recent years.

I guess this was only made possible by the electron microscope which is now revealing a new world of important discoveries particularly in the medical science world.

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Research on adult stem cells is now starting to make a lot of progress, whereas trying to use embryonic stem cells has achieved nothing to improve the health problems we all face as we get older.

As you can see I am now well into my 90s and am pleased to say I am still doing well since I have been using this stem cell product which was discovered by a Canadian scientist.

This scientist, after several years of work has succeeded in isolating a product from an American lake which after a lot of research has now been scientifically proven to be able to increase the number of stem cells circulating in our blood stream.

The importance of this is only now becoming recognised and the resultant product has now been patented and is being distributed in 23 different countries.

This product has now been scientifically proven to increase our own stem cells by up to 25%.

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History stem cell, is only of short duration but I am sure it is going to have a large impact on our future health as it is going amongst other things to helpfully reduce our dependence on medical drugs.

All drugs produce unwanted side effects!

Eddie Mace.