Stem cell facts.

Every day new stem cell facts are being discovered and the potential for improving our future health using these cells is becoming enormous as more and more discoveries are now being made.

As we move forward, particularly with adult stem cell research, discoveries are now coming thick and fast.

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One of the things that pleases me is that I can see some progress and a possible end to the influence the drug companies has over most peoples lives. We have become so heavily dependent on their products as our health has deteriorated due to the deterioration of our food chain.

This is even now being recognised by authorities like the FDA who now say we need to supplement our food with things like vitamins.

I realise the drug industry will not be an easy thing to overcome as the drug companies today exert enormous power and influence even over our governments.

Unfortunately most people are unaware of the fact that DRUGS DON'T CURE ACTUALLY CURE ANYTHING.

We have been led to believe that drugs heal or fix our difficulties. Whereas the fact is, all they do is hide the symptoms of our underlying problems.

The one exception being antibiotics which aren't really a drug anyway.

The thing about stem cells is that the body actually does the healing itself and the wonderful thing about this is the body will automatically try and do this if it able to provide the necessary stem cells.

We can ASSIST the body to heal itself but the truth is “ONLY THE BODY CAN DO THE HEALING”.

The greatest thing we can do for our bodies is to enable or assist it to provide the necessary stem cells support thereby helping our bodies to heal themselves.

In this respect there is currently available at limited cost a stem cell enhancer which has been highly successful in achieving the goal of helping the body to heal itself and WITHOUT THE NEED FOR DRUGS .

Your immediate problem maybe to solve your personal complaint whatever that may be. When you provide the body with this stem cell enhancer all sorts of additional benefits result, often things we have accepted and decided are due to just getting old.

I am personally amazed at what the body can do to repair itself given this stem cell enhancer opportunity.

Although I am now 90 years old, I am experiencing things like hair colour restoring, finger nail strength improving. These may not be particularly important, but it indicates to me that my body is now in getting into better shape.

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