History of stem cell research.

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Some say the history of stem cell research  began back in the 1900’s with bone marrow transplants.

Moving forward.

Research with Stem cells today is attracting a huge amount of attention.

Stem cells are now deriving this attention because these adult stem cells can reduce the effects of aging.

However; moving closer to present time, in 1981 stem cells were discovered by two groups, one from the University of Cambridge and another from the University of California.

Gael R Martin, from the University of California is reported to have coined the term "Embryonic Stem Cell” although there is some doubt about its origin.

She showed that embryos could be cultured and that embryonic stem cells could be derived from these embryos.

In 1998 a further breakthrough occurred when James Thomson of the University of Wisconsin-Madison developed a technique to isolate and grow embryonic stem cells in a cell culture.

Moving forward.

Today we have enormous progress with discoveries being made on a daily basis using stem cells.

The biggest news is occurring using these adult stem cells which I have covered extensively in other articles on this site.

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We have moved forward from our past attempts at using embryonic cells to improve our health (without any success),until today where we have great progress occurring using ADULT STEM CELLS.

Important discovery.

We now have a very important discovery which is providing us with a method of supporting and increasing the availability of our own adult stem cells from our own bone marrow.

Now we know that these important stem cells are being produced within our own bodies as a means to support our body and thereby overcoming threats to our health.

The big problem is that as we get older our bodies cannot produce adequate quantities of these adult stem cells which we need to maintain our health and thereby keep us fit and well.

This information about the history of stem cell research is of great importance because we can now make anti-aging supplements well within the reach of most people.

This discovery has the great advantage of being simple, available in capsule form, no costly medical expenses and can be obtained at very moderate cost.

Stem cell research Costs.

Most of the other discoveries up to date, whilst they are important will probably be beyond the average persons ability to to pay for them, particularly in light of our current economic problems.

I believe these discoveries whilst they have been of significant importance are going to be a big stumbling block for the average person because of the costs involved.

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History of stem cell research shows stem cells are complex things, now proven to be our bodies own natural repair and maintenance system.

Our bodies are an amazing system and without having stem cells I don't believe we would survive for very long.

This discovery has enormous promise because already it is already producing some great and often amazing results.

see success stories.

The great thing about this is, it is being achieved for only a minimal expense which is well within the reach of most people.

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To your ongoing good health.

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