Adult stem cell.

(Reduce the effects of ageing)

The author. Eddie Mace, Recent photo, aged 91.

This term "adult stem cell" can easily be misunderstood.

This can be very misleading; you don't have to be an adult to have these  cells.

When we are talking about adult stem cells we are referring to the cells not us.

These cells are very important for many reasons, particularly because they can help reduce the effects of aging.

Adult cells.

Adult cells refer to the stem cells in our body FOLLOWING OUR BIRTH.

Obviously we don't have to be an adult to have these adult cells.

A few days after conception the cells in the new forming body are really adult cells.

By common agreement the moment we are born, all our stem cells are then classed as---you guessed it, ADULT CELLS!

You didn't know you had adult cells when you were born did you!

These other cells which are frequently talked about are EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS  and as the name implies these cells are created as part of the early development of embryos.

Embryonic stem cell investigation is where nearly all the medical research dollars and medical grants have up to date been spent without any health care discoveries to show for it.

This is in spite of the wild promises we have been seeing in the media that stem cell miracles are about to happen.

This lovely child obviously is no longer an embryo and all her stem cells are called adult cells.

I don't think she will be worried about her age for many years to come.

Later her adult stem cells can reduce the effects of aging.

No, I don't know her, however isn't she lovely!

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Now, back to our main topic, Adult  cells.

There has been a lot of disagreement about stem cell research, however this mainly refers to EMBRYONIC stem cells not adult cells.

Because of the failure so far to effectively use embryonic cells in spite of the huge amount of money being spent on their research, more attention is now shifting over to adult cells.

This is the area of research in which considerable success is now being achieved and in fact we are now seeing stem cell miracles being reported.

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I recently watched an interview with an American Government Senator in which he stated there has been success with 73 different illnesses using adult  cells whereas the success using embryonic stem cells, in spite of the huge sums of money spent, had so far made no real health care progress.

"Our genetics don't want to be played with." (My comment).

All the great triumphs we are now hearing about in the media and the great discoveries talked about on this site are all reports of achievements using adult stem cells.

These stem cells can reduce the effects of aging.

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I hope this stem cell explanation will help you better understand that stem cells are going to play a big part for all of us in what is going to be the future of our health care system.

Things like anti aging is also beginning to attract a lot of interest.

Great progress with stem cells is now offering prospects for a successful life style into our later years.

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This great development  is going to be the way of the future and offers great promise for our future health.

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