Fountain of youth.

Reduce the effects of aging

The author. Eddie Mace, recent photo aged 92.

Fountain of youth may be a pipe dream, however stem cell research is providing some answers.

There is no way to make us look as good as her, however its a nice thought as we get older.

Don’t get led astray with the idea of using embryonic stem cells to make us look younger, using these cells has a long way to go.

There has now been about a Billion dollars spent with research on embryonic cells for which no real benefit has been achieved.

Nothing at all for for curing any illness or increasing our longevity.

All attempts to use these embryonic cells has  resulted in great difficulties such as uncontrollable tumors.

These cells have a mind of their own and refuse to be controlled or manipulated.

Your adult stem cells are the foundation on which our future health care and anti aging hopes are being built.

Anything that will support your stem cells and aid them in their work of maintaining your health will be a major factor in your longevity.

Whilst this may not be a fountain of youth it sure has been a tremendous help for me as I grew older.

I am now 92 years old. Am fit and very healthy for my age. No wheel chairs or walking sticks.

I now take virtually no drugs, not even blood pressure medication ( checked a few days ago at 130/65)

I am still enjoying an active life style largely due to the benefits I am receiving from a great new health care discovery.

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Did you know your body has its own built in repair and renewal system?

How else do you think those cuts or burns or a broken leg repair themselves?

You can assist with bandages or splints however the body itself has to do the work.

This mystery has now been solved.

We now know our body has a natural repair system which depends on the availability of its adult stem cells.

This has been a recent great medical discovery of major importance because it plays a vital role for our future health.

Our personal health and well being is essentially the key to our future health and our longevity.

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There you will find a tremendous amount of information on maintaining or improving your health. It also provides a great deal of information on stem cells.

These are a key factor in restoring or maintaining your youth.

Good luck in your search for maintaining your health and youth.

Eddie Mace.