Longevity news.

Most of us mature age individuals are interested in longevity news particularly good news.

There is plenty of bad news around with all sorts of medical problems arising which is making life more difficult for us senior citizens.

Many elderly individuals are getting by Irrespective of the problems of our mature age, however the critical thing is to be able to still have a good quality of life.

I shall be 90 years old next year and am still enjoying a very good life style, I no longer need drugs apart from a very small dose of thyroid medication, blood pressure 130/70 and I have no real physical limitations to the amazement of my Doctor.

This improvement in my health occurred when I discovered a natural product which enables our body to release the flow of its own stem cells into our blood stream. This enables our body to repair itself of all sorts of medical difficulties.

If you look in the NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL of MEDICINE you will find that the number one indicator of a healthy heart is the number of stem cells circulating in the body.

I can assure you they not only affect your heart but also have some amazing beneficial effects on your whole body.

This has been a great discovery for me and if you log onto the following site you find I have provided a great deal of information for anyone who wishes to use or share this information with others.

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Wishing you also the best of health. Eddie Mace