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Embryos go through various periods of gestation or development prior to birth.

At the time of conception there is just one cell which rapidly multiplies into a large number of stem cells for about 4 or 5 days.

Thereafter the continuing development of the human body is largely controlled by adult stem cells.

However by general agreement it has been accepted that prior to birth these stem cells are referred to as embryonic cells and after birth all these countless myriads of cells are called adult cells.

Embryonic cells.

The amount of information we now have about the development of the human body is amazing.

According to our current knowledge these cells only exist for a few  days after conception.

A few years ago the parents did not have a clue about the sex of the developing child until the big event of birth.

Now with modern technology it’s common practice to determine whether the new offspring is male or female.

Some parents don’t want to know until the big moment of birth arrives.

A lot more care is now taken by many mothers to avoid possible damage to their new child by not smoking or drinking during the gestation period as it is now recognised these things can affect the child that is developing.

There has been a tremendous amount of knowledge now becoming available on the function stem cells and their importance for our health.

Some parents are now deep freezing their umbilical cord after birth; it is known to contain a great number of stem cells which have the potential to have clinical use for the child in later life.

Adult Stem cells technology is now making great strides for use with many illnesses and this has great potential for our future health care.

This stem cell technology has up to date been very expensive, however a great breakthrough has now occurred by a Canadian scientist.

He has after several years of research developed a natural product which can improve the number of stem cells circulating in our blood stream by up to 43%.

This product is easily affordable and due to its success has now been patented.

It is producing some amazing results as it helps our body to overcome a lot of health problems.

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A lot of our health problems develop because the stem cells in our blood stream decline as we get older.

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