Antiaging systems.

Antiaging systems are now attracting a lot of attention as our population is now getting older.

The big question is; How does one remain active and still enjoy life in our latter years?

That is now becoming an important question for mature aged people!!!

Who wants to become immobile or worse still bedridden? That is obviously a silly question.

As a 91 years old senior citizen who is still fit and well, I like to think I can offer some useful advice for those people who are now unfortunately approaching their senior years.

One of the reasons I am still fit and well is due to a big breakthrough using a simple and inexpensive stem cells technology.

However there is something else you also need to know. If possible try and avoid all medical drugs because believe it or not these drugs do not actually cure anything.

Only the body itself can actually cure anything.

When you have to resort to these drugs unfortunately the real underlying problem seldom gets recognised and dealt with. The best drugs can usually do is make you feel better by hiding or camouflaging your under lying problem.

Later that real problem often shows again as some other form of difficulty requiring additional drugs or an increase in the amount of the drug you are already using.


I can assure you that situation hasn't improved since then.

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If you really care about your health and there are of course circumstances when we have to resort to the use of drug therapy. I don't consider anti bio-tics in the same category as drugs.

Drugs have their uses, However I suggest you make every endeavor to find the real source of any difficulty you are experiencing.

You will be surprised how often your problem can be traced to our diet or the way we eat. It’s so easy to give you a drug to make you feel better; however this seldom addresses the real source of your complaint and all drugs have side effects.

Many of our difficulties can be resolved by correcting our diet.

Sugar diabetes is a typical example. Very few people are born with diabetes type 1, however now 1 in 3 people now have type 2 diabetes or are on the verge of being diagnosed with it.

For instance sugar diabetes type 2 which has now reached serious proportions is due to excessive sugar intake.

Leave antiaging systems go to sugar addiction.

Years ago when I was young, (yes, I can still remember that) sugar diabetes was hardly ever heard of. This is just one example of our current diet problems.

Now, getting back to our antiaging systems; as I have suggested try and avoid the use of drugs! Drugs are essential for some people but they are unfortunately over used as a simple solution instead of finding the real source of what is causing the difficulty.

Luckily for us a big breakthrough has now been made regarding the use of our own stem cells.

This has now opened up a new view of antiaging systems. We now know our body uses adult stem cells as a means of maintaining our health and this is how our body attempts to effect its own repairs.

Anything we can do to assist the body to provide these essential adult stem cells will assist it to overcome many threats such as sickness or injury.


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However I can then get back you and answer any questions you may have.

You will be amazed as you become fit and well how much you can reduce your medical drug dependency.(of course with your Dr's approval)

Your body is absolutely dedicated to its own survival and anything you can do to assist it in its task will pay huge dividends.

Join me, find out more about this important stem cell discovery and enjoy your future health.