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Antiaging news is now attracting a lot of attention.

With the new discoveries about adult stem cells these cells are now dominating attempts to improve our health and lifespan.

At the beginning of this year it was suggested by the New York Times that this was going to be the year of STEM CELLS. New information about antiaging is now becoming available and a lot of it is quite surprising because it is largely about stem cells.

Addiction to sugar.

However another thing that is now attracting a lot of attention is our addiction to sugar which is now becoming  widespread and its importance is unfortunately not well understood.

Unfortunately sugars now form a major part of our diet. In fact, it is now reliably reported that sugars now represent one third of our diet. Today it is known that 1in 8 Americans has diabetes. This is costing $200 billion dollars a year and  it is steadily getting worse. This is only half the story because many people are not aware they have this condition.

Have you ever wondered why sugar diabetes is now so widespread?

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100 years ago sugar diabetes was hardly heard of. This should be broadly known and emphasised as being important because sugar diabetes is now recognised as being of major importance for anti aging news.

If you want to improve your prospects for a long and successful lifespan take notice of this valuable information.

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Now referring back to the of stem cells again, here is some very interesting news.

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Important discoveries are now being made  regarding stem cells and one of the most important of these being the discovery of a natural product from a lake in North America which has been scientifically proven to increase the stem cells circulating in our blood stream by a significant amount.

Canadian Scientist Christian Drapeau MSc.

This important discovery was made by a Canadian scientist who has now succeeded in increasing these stem adult cells by a further 18% making a total of 43%.

Information on antiaging news is coming to our attention regularly, however, with this exception, the cost of these other treatments have been extremely expensive.

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