Antiaging diet and care.

So you are interested in Antiaging diet and care.

This is not surprising as we come to realise our modern food has very little real nutrients in it.

Look at the United States nutritional values of fruits and vegetables today as opposed to their values in 1975. (Ref. USDA Department of Agriculture)

Apples. Vitamin A is down to 41%.

Sweet Peppers. Vitamin C is down to 31%.

Watercress. Iron is down to 88%.

Broccoli. Calcium and vitamin A are down 50%.

Have a look at cauliflower. Vitamin C is down 45%.

Vitamin B1 is down 48%.

Vitamin B2 is down 47%.

Here is another example, Collard Greens. Vitamin A is down 45%.

Potassium is down 60%.

Magnesium is down 85%.

Magnesium regulates over 300 body functions and is critical for heart health.

If you are interested in things like Antiaging diet and care you really need to understand this information.

Great progress is now being made researching ADULT STEM CELLS and this is going to have a major influence on our future medical practice.

Our future longevity and our prospects for increasing our life span will depend our understanding these amazing adult stem cells.

A huge amount of money has been spent on research with EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS, unfortunately no practical use has been found in spite of the huge amount of money spent on research with these stem cells.

However, considerable progress is now being made using ADULT STEM CELLS.

Adult stem cells are going to be the way of the future in health care.

One of the best prospects for increasing our life span to date comes from the work of a Canadian scientist which is producing great results and luckily for us is not expensive.

It has been so successful that it is now registered and available in 24 different countries.

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