Antiaging and wellness treatment.

How do we achieve Antiaging and wellness treatment?

It would be much easier to suggest those things that you need to eliminate or reduce from your diet in order to obtain antiaging and wellness.

The number one thing I would suggest would be to restrict or limit the sugar you eat.

The sugar used in most western diets is playing havoc with our health and consequently is therefore is definitely not part of any antiaging or wellness treatment.

There is a large number of foods you can eat and still maintain an anti aging diet.

Our extremely high sugar usage (averaging about 160 pounds per year) is one of the major causes of obesity and this in turn is not an antiaging and wellness treatment. In fact it is reducing our life span.

Robert H Lustig. MD. UCSF. Professor of Paediatrics University of California says sugar is a poison.

See sugar craving.

Associated with this same problem is our high level consumption of carbohydrates.

What most people don’t realise is that our bodies cannot utilise carbohydrates until they have been converted into a form of sugar in our digestive system.

Then on top of this, if the body cannot readily use the resulting sugar it BECOMES STORED AS FAT.

FAT, yes I said fat!. That’s why carbohydrates make us fat.

Do you now understand why so many of us keep putting on unwanted weight?

Leave Antiaging and wellness treatment and go to anti aging supplement.

Fat was originally part of our bodies survival mechanism against hard times, however real hard times now seldom happen in our modern society so we just go on building up surplus fat.

Sugar is one of the cheapest forms of flavor enhancement available to food manufacturers and this sugar even in small quantities sure makes any food more appealing to us.

Today it is hard to find any food that does not include at least some form of sugar in its content.

This is not the whole story; however, sugar and its associated carbohydrates are definitely not antiaging and wellness treatment.

I suggest you minimise them in your diet and try and increase your protein.

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Good luck in your search for antiaging and wellness.

Eddie Mace.