Anti aging.

Reduce your aging problems.

The author. Eddie Mace, Recent photo aged 92.

Anti aging is now attracting  a lot of attention.

People are now getting serious health care problems much earlier in life than was ever seen before.

Things like diabetes which used to be a fairly rare complaint is now frequently reported.

Diabetes is not the only health care problem now starting to concern us.

This subject is distressing so I shan’t continue with this.

Here is some better news.

Information on increasing your life span, (Dr Cliff Minter)


What was this Doctor talking about?

He was referring to stem cell nutrition.

This is having a large effect on some people’s health and therefore can have a major impact on increasing your life span.

There has been a big breakthrough in stem cell nutrition, however, what has this got to do with increasing your life span or longevity?

Dr Minter went to say, “Stem cell nutrition is the organic and all natural way to stimulate the bone marrow to release adult stem cells into the blood stream”.

This is very interesting because the number of stem cells in our bloodstream plays a major part in our health.

Our lifespan is dependent on being free from illness and medical problems.

Medical drugs camouflage or temporarily hide our problems.


They stop the discomfiture which generally in time shows up with troubles elsewhere in the body.

The most successful thing you can do is find the CAUSE of your problems.

Changing our diet can sometimes work miracles.

Stem cell nutrition increases the stem cells in our blood stream and increases the body’s ability to repair itself.

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Here you will find a lot of information on what is now attracting a great deal of interest throughout the world.

The interest in stem cells is gathering pace and a huge amount of money is being spent on this subject.

It offers the best chance we have for locating solutions for a whole range of medical problems without having to resort to drugs with all their unwanted side effects.

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Age problems.

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Aging is something we can't avoid, however we don't have to resign ourselves to the difficulties that age normally presents us with.

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Stem cell technology brings hope for a healthier future.

To your success.

Eddie Mace.

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