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Anti aging stem cells information.

Please note. This article is about adult stem cells not embryonic cells.

These adult stem cells are used for body repairs and are found in various parts of the body, principally in the bone marrow, however also in blood, fat and adipose tissue.

These cells become activated when they receive information regarding injury or illness and their task is to carry out repairs to the affected area.

Many discoveries are now being made using these cells and we now know that as we get older the availability of these anti aging stem cells in our blood stream reduces leaving us less protected from various health difficulties.

Shortly after birth we have about 100 million stem cells available for maintaining our bodies anti aging stem cell health.

Up till about 25 years or age we are able to recover very rapidly from accidents or illnesses as we have adequate supplies of these adult stem cells in our blood stream to protect us.

From about 25 years on, the availability of the stem cells diminishes and by the time we reach 50 years of age we start to have various health problems and we find ourselves depending on medical drugs

This no doubt benefits the medical drugs companies and pharmacists as these people are now being kept busy trying to keep us fit, well and in good shape.

Medical drugs are often a great help and can alleviate some of our problems, however drugs do not cure.

We now have some interesting stem cells information which can help the body itself to improve its health and expand its life span.

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I hope this information about anti aging stem cells has been of value to you as these adult stem cells are going to have a big impact on our future health care system and will reduce our need for medical drugs.

I am now 92 and doing well with virtually no medical drugs needed.

You too can benefit from this new era of medical knowledge and at little expense.

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Enjoy good health.

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