Anti aging guide.

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Anti aging guides can be found in many places. 

I am sure many of them are very valid; however the best possible thing you can do will be to aid and assist your body to improve its health.

Obviously any physical or health problems pose a problem to your longevity and these must of necessity assume a high level of priority.

A healthy diet is a must for anti aging and being overweight has now become a major problem.

Reducing weight for many of us is a "must" and should assume a high level of priority.

The body is dedicated to maintain its health and the truth is, "only the body itself can heal itself."

The best thing we can do will be do is to assist it to achieve its task.

We can do this by providing ourselves with a healthy diet.

Nutritous sardines.

Finding healthy nutritious food, believe or not is not as easy as it seems and can play a big part in this.

However providing the body with healthy food is not easy to achieve.

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This presents a huge problem as our current food chain has been heavily modified to enhance the manufacturer’s ability to remain profitable.

The food manufacturers are themselves under great pressure to reduce their prices by the food chain retailer’s and their task therefor becomes more and more difficult.

The degree to which our food chain quality has deteriorated due to these pressures will amaze you.

Carbohydrates and sugars.

Our present foods are dominated by carbohydrates and sugars because they are cheaper to produce and they taste good.

Proteins are that expensive the average family has only a limited source of these essential foods and have to depend on carbohydrates largely due to the ever increasing costs of proteins.

Another factor is the amount of sugar we eat, our food is now laden with sugars as they make our food much more attractive.

Luckily some people are now becoming aware that sugar is a major source of weight gain.

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I promise to provide you with some more useful anti aging advice.

To your future good health and long lifespan.

Eddie Mace.