Anti aging for men.

The author. recent picture aged 91.

Anti aging for men is a difficult subject because as we get older we men are not as concerned with our appearance as our charming fairer sex.

Being able to maintain our physical ability remains of great importance to us men however.

Women on the other hand have always been concerned with their appearance and they constantly spend money trying to keep up with the ever ongoing fashions.

It is easier for men because they don’t have to try and keep up with all the latest fashions.

When I was a young man, (that was a long time ago) women then had to keep adjusting to the new hemline, virtually every year.

That was demanded by fashion.

Nowadays women change their hemline quite regularly depending on their likes and their mood.

There doesn’t seem to be any fixed fashion ideas in this respect. It seems to me the younger they are the higher the hemline.

Another anti aging for men problem is that generally speaking men don’t take easilly to taking health care supplements unless they are being frequently reminded.

Even the American FDA which in the past has been very anti supplements is now recommending supplementing things like vitamins to our diet.

Great progress is now occurring with discoveries being made for better health with new findings about health care supplements now constantly occurring.

Stem cell discoveries are now starting to have a big impact on medical research.

See Stem cell miracles.

Thing’s, like restoration of brain function which has been a common problem with getting older is now making good progress.

Another interesting subject is our diet and the foods we now eat.

A lot of illnesses are aggravated by our diet which is causing many problems for both men and women.

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I am a 91 year old man, am fit and well and am still really enjoying myself.

I believe I may have a few interesting answers to any questions you may have on the subject of anti aging for men.

Take this opportunity for success with anti aging and remember diet plays a big part in your ongoing longevity.

Eddie Mace.