Antiaging foods.

Finding antiaging foods is now presenting us with a big problem as we now have to depend so much on manufactured and heavily modified foods.

There is very little we can now buy that hasn’t been heavily modified in some way to make them cheaper to manufacture. Look at the label on so much of the food we consume.

Even our fruit and things like tomato’s are now picked green often traveling hundreds of miles before we buy them.

Did you know our foods are lacking in important things when they are picked green?

These are important and vital things that are normally stored in the plant itself and only released into the product at the time of ripening.

Can you remember what a tomato tastes like when it has been allowed to ripen on the vine?

(Well that doesn’t matter does it? When we cook them we can always add some sugar to make it taste better can’t we)

This now leads me to the important part of this document, SUGAR.

Sugar is now starting to be recognised as a major negative factor in our ongoing search for good health and longevity.

If you are looking for antiaging foods in order to increase your longevity CUT OUT OR HEAVILY REDUCE YOU SUGAR CONSUMPTiON.

THIS WILL NOT BE EASY as we have all become addicted to sugar.

Yes, that is correct, we are all addicted to sugar!

There is a lot more to this subject, however it’s too long to cover it here.

Sugar has now been added to practically everything we now eat.

If this is true, well may you, ask why is this?

SUGAR IS A FLAVOR ENHANCER and we all like flavorsome things don't we?

Practically all manufactured food products now have some form of sugar in them!

If you are interested in anti aging you really need to understand this.

Sugar diabetes was barely heard of 70 years ago but as our sugar consumption has steadily increased diabetes is now reaching plague proportions.

I in 4 people are either diabetic or are now approaching that state. Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States today.

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Eddie Mace.