Anti aging discoveries.


In the past people seemed to accept the situation of decaying health as they grew older.

Now some people are beginning to realise that they can still create a more worthwhile effect on their longevity and lifespan therefor don’t give in to their difficulties and troubles so easily.

Most of our longevity problems, believe it or not, come largely from our deteriorating food quality and other environmental problems.

The amount of prepared foods we now eat is unfortunately loaded with undesirable garbage for instance like sugar. This is pleasant to taste and our food is loaded with it but it has no real health value and in fact is causing enormous health problems.

Anti aging discoveries like the above can have a pronounced effect on your longevity and lifespan.

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Important things like Omega 3 fatty acids which we used to normally receive in our diets are now becoming a scarce commodity. These things like omega 3 are important things to know if you are interested anti aging discoveries.

We used to get plenty of these Omega 3’s from our meat; unfortunately this is not now happening because farmers are now being controlled by market forces. Our meat is being fattened up by abnormal means to help the growers make a profit.

Omega 3 comes from vegetable sources such as grass and is not produced by the animals themselves. As a result our meat contains little if any of this important nutrient.

Eggs were also a good source of Omega 3s, but now due to cage farming, supply of this important food is now almost non-existent in eggs.

Our fish and salmon now come largely from farmed fish which has almost no Omega 3. Fish themselves cannot produce this essential nutrient. They used to generate omega 3 from things like seaweed which is part of their normal diet.

These are just a few examples of our deteriorating food supply.

Anti-aging discoveries like the above are now slowly attracting more attention and are becoming better known.

These things, plus the quantity of carbohydrates we now eat are also adversely affecting our longevity.

OUR FRUIT AND VEGETABLES ARE NOW GROWN TO LOOK GOOD but unfortunately lack critical minerals like magnesium.

These fruit and vegetables all grow very well without magnesium, so why should our farmers spend money adding it to the fertilisers if their products grow well without it?

Fruit and vegetables grow well without it, they don’t need it, HOWEVER WE DO.

If you want to improve your health and your lifespan, you need to know more about these anti-aging discoveries.

These things are now slowly being revealed and if you want to increase your enjoyment of life and feel well, these are some of the things you need to be aware of.

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To increase your lifespan, their are also other things you need to know.

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