Omega 3 fatty acids.

We unfortunately are not getting sufficient omega 3 fatty acids in our diets.

The shortage of these fatty acids is now widespread and they are essential for our hearts and brain. They also play an enormous affect on our general health.

We all have the same problem due to our modern diets. These probably taste good, but how healthy are they? They are now almost without exception laden with sugar to make them more appealing.

There is practically no food we now eat which does not contain sugar in some form. It has become so important because sugar is a low cost flavor enhancer. Who doesn't like flavorsome foods?

Unfortunately most of the food we eat is now almost bereft of the critical omega 3 fatty acids particularly EPA and DHA.

A healthy level of these omega 3 fatty acids should be at least half of what other fatty acids we eat, such as the omega 6 which is prevalent in the popular vegetable oils which we have become so used to.


100g of Corn oil has only approximately 3g of the important type 3 oil. Palm oil is even worse; it has only .4 grams per hundred grams of this oil, however it is loaded with omega 6. Our bodies are becoming over loaded with omega 6 and virtually none of the important type 3 oil.

Then look at these 2 other popular products, Safflower and sunflower. 100G OF THESE OILS BOTH HAVE ZERO OF THIS IMPORTANT 3 OIL.

Is it any wonder we are running into all sorts of health problems and also carrying around surplus weight. Our bodies are becoming over loaded with omega 6.

A study has shown our health can be assisted by taking fish oil supplements because it is rich the omega type3 oil.

Omega3's are really an assortment of 3 polyunsaturated oils, but the first two, EPA and DHA are the important ones.

Regarding EPA, some disputes exist. This essential nutrient is considered by some leading doctors in the UK as being the single most vital nutrient in the functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Free ranging chickens who have sufficient access to natural grasses produce eggs which are naturally high in omega 3.

Likewise cattle eating their natural foods like grass have a high level of omega 3s in their bodies.

Most fish oils on the market contain both these ingredients in varying quantities. Fish oil, provided it is free from contaminants like mercury is the best way to get adequate supplies of these 2 important oils.

Argument has arisen about these and which is better than the other however fish oil contains both.

Most VEGETABLE SOURCES of omega's are ALA.

The trouble with ALA is it has to be converted by the body to the more needed form of EPA or DHA before it can be used by our bodies.

There is unfortunately another major problem with vegetable sources of ALA. These go rancid extremely quickly and must be kept out of light in a dark bottle and also must be kept under refrigeration.

Fish oil, provided it is free from contaminants is the preferred source of these 2 important oils.

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