Anti ageing medicine.

The author. Eddie Mace, recent photo, aged 91.

 Information on Anti ageing medicine.

As many of us are now getting older we want to find things to assist us to improve our health and extend our life span .

This is not a high pressure sales talk for anti aging medicine but is genuinely intended to help us to continue to enjoy our lifestyle.

Unfortunately most of us don’t concern ourselves with this problem until some form of sickness or injury comes along to threaten our future plans.

There is not a lot of interest unfortunately in increasing our life span if we are still busy, busy enjoying ourselves.

Maintaining our health.

However, as we get older we need be taking steps to maintain our health before it starts to deteriorate and we then unfortunately have to resort to taking medical drugs.

By the way drugs are unfortunately not a cure all.

They in all probability will temporarily successfully hide many of our health problems, however they all have side effects some serous some not.

Unfortunately the basic problem will still exist and just hiding it with drugs could have an undesirable effect on our future longevity.

A lot of people are now aware of this and now add things like vitamins to improve their diet.

See vitamin D facts.

This is a positive step; however, be aware that a very large proportion of vitamins are synthetic and are not nearly as effective as natural products.

They unfortunately leave a lot to be desired.

Whilst the discovery of vitamins was an important breakthrough; since then more discoveries have since been made with anti ageing medicine, the most recent of these is the amazing information on stem cells.

Stem cells.

This major discovery on stem cells has now seen vast sums of research funds being made available.

This sum now probably exceeds a billion dollars, but unfortunately there are still huge problems connected with this research.

(This probably requires some further clarification, see the following)

The major part of this money has been spent on EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS.

However don’t get these cells confused with ADULT STEM CELLS where a great deal of progress is now occurring and which is going to have a big impact on anti ageing medicine.

There has been a major breakthrough with these ADULT STEM CELLS by an independent Canadian scientist Christian Drapeau MSc,

He after many years of research has isolated and developed a stem cell miracle product which has now been proven to increase the release of our OWN STEM CELLS into our body by up to 25%.

This breakthrough stem cell miracle involves a natural product and is in fact amazingly cheap when you appreciate its great potential.

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This product has been so successful it has now been patented in over 20 countries.

I am now 91 years of age and am quite fit and well thanks largely to the help of this stem cell miracle discovery.

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Good luck with your search for Anti ageing medicine.

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