Aging discovery.

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The Author. Eddie Mace, recent photo aged 92.

Important aging discovery.

This important discovery came about as a result of stem cells research.

The following information refers only to adult stem cells.

These adult stem cells are being supported by many organisations including the Catholic Church.

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Stem cells are today rendering great support to medical research and the Catholic Church’s interest is no exception.

With this great stem cell therapy considerable progress is now occurring.

Working with adult stem cells revealed that one of these cells primary purposes is to maintain the body’s health.

Whenever body injuries occur there is a rush of stem cells to the injured area to carry out repairs and maintenance.

It is doubtful that wounds would ever heal if it wasn’t for the stem cells repair functions.

This explains why as we get older it takes longer for wounds to heal.

When you were a teenager a minor wound would heal in a few days whereas at 60 it may take a week or more.

Why the difference?

Well we now that when you get older the number of stem cells circulating in the blood stream declines and so does our ability to quickly heal.

When you are younger the number of stem cells available for body repairs is easily available until you reach about the age of about 25.

Thereafter these cells begin to decline so that at about 30 years of age we begin to experience various forms of body difficulties because we do not have adequate numbers of these stem cells to maintain our health.

Great news.

The investigation by a Canadian scientist has now revealed a product that can increase the stem cells in our blood stream by up to 43% and as a result many people are now achieving great results with many difficulties and illnesses.

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