Catholic Church stem cell research.
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The Catholic Church stem cell research attitude has now completely altered.

Stem cell investigations received an enormous boost around the turn of the century.

However the vast majority of research had been centered on using embryonic stem cells to which the Catholic Church and many people are strongly opposed.

This research using these embryonic stem cells has failed to provide any methods to improve our health in spite of the millions of dollars having  been spent.

Any attempt to use these cells creates the great risk of them going out of control and becoming cancerous.

When you realise the vast sums of money and the tremendous effort which has been spent on research with these embryonic cells it is a huge disappointment.

The Catholic Church is not alone in their disagreement in using  these embryonic stem cells and many people and other organisations are also opposed to  using these cells.

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More recently a method of using adult stem cells has completely changed the situation.

Originally all attempts to use adult stem cells failed.

Things are now rapidly changing.

The Vatican stem cell research approach has now totally changed due to the great progress which is now occurring with adult stem cells.

Watch this video, Stem cell treatment.

There you will find a recent Vatican report which will bring you information on this important subject.

Many attempts to use our own adult stem cells are now being investigated and a lot of valuable information is now being found.

One of the most promising results was found by a scientist researching a botanical water plant which has now been scientifically proven to increase the stem cells circulating in our blood stream by up to 25%.

This discovery has now been patented and is available in several countries.

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