Aging discoveries.

Reducing aging effects.

The author. Eddie Mace, recent picture aged 92.

Important aging discoveries have been found.

Please note. The following information is solely directed to adult stem cells.

(Not to be confused with embryonic stem cells).

Although there are still difficulties trying to use the great possibilities these stem cells offer us, many useful discoveries have already been discovered.

Stem cells

It is now known these stem cells play a huge part in maintaining our health, particularly in our younger years when we recover rapidly from our disabilities.

We also now know the greatest number of stem cells are found in the bone marrow.

These cells are then released as needed to perform their important function of helping our bodies to overcome things like illness or accidents.

Up till we reach about 25 years of age, there are considerable numbers of these stem cells circulating in our blood stream which helps us maintain our health. .


Thereafter however, the availability of these cells declines so that at around 50 we do not have sufficient of these cells to maintain their important functions and our health begins to decline.

We then see various bodily difficulties appearing and many people unfortunately have to resort to medical drugs to try and overcome their difficulties and try and maintain their health.

Unfortunately these drugs don’t solve the underlying problem. They can make us feel better, however, often with unwanted side effects.

It has now been clearly established that by increasing the availability of these stem cells in our blood stream many health problems can be reduced or minimised.

There are now costly medical procedures achieving considerable beneficial results using these stem cell aging discoveries.

Christian Drapeau MSc.

However the thing that interests me has been the work of Canadian research investigator Christian Drapeau MSc, who has located a natural product that can increase the stem cells in our blood stream by a considerable amount.

This scientists work originally succeeded in increasing these blood stream stem cells by up to 25%.

However recently he has now succeeded in increasing this level to 43% with very significant results.

Here is some information on his original discovery.

See Anti ageing supplement.

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Arguments against stem cell research.

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These aging discoveries hold great prospects for our future welfare and I am sure you too can benefit from them.

I am now 92 years old and am greatly benefitting from this stem cell product.

Eddie Mace.