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Reduce affects of aging!

The author. Eddie Mace aged 92, recent photo.

Any age solution had been a hopeful dream.

Things are now rapidly improving.

The biggest concern for people looking for a solution to aging has been how to overcome deteriorating health.

I am sure if we didn’t get sick or unwell there would be no interest in finding an age solution.

Anything that can minimise illness will have a profound effect on our concern about aging.

Here is some new and important information on this important problem of aging.

There is a lot of attention being directed to stem cell research and many people believe this has enormous potential for our health.

Please note we are not referring to embryonic stem cells.

Adult stem cells are completely different and this is where all the current success is now occurring.

See Adult stem cells.

Adult stem cells play an important role in supporting our health, particularly as we get older.

From the age of about 30, the number of adult stem cells circulating in our body begins to reduce by about 5% per year and this can markedly affect our health.

By the time we reach 50 these cells have seriously declined; we then have unwanted health conditions which many of us will have experienced.

This wear and tear factor on the body is readily observed in athletes who generally retire around 30 as there bodies are no longer able to recover easily.

The success of this anti aging supplement is its ability to increase the number of adult stem cells circulating in our blood stream.

This supplement can reduce the effects of aging and is very effective .

Great success is now being achieved with the problems of aging and here is one of these success stories from a 60 years old young lady.


Success story report after 1 month on the stem cell product.

Within a few days David’s psoriasis was all but gone! This in itself was a great success story.

For many years we had spent a fortune on lotions and potions, all to no avail.

We have both had an astonishing lift in our energy levels.

Due to his damaged spinal cord, Graham has cynaesthesia, which causes him to spend a major part of his day lying on his bed in enormous pain.

He has to remain at a constant temperature, any change and his pain spikes up and becomes difficult to bear.

Well he is now leaving his room, sitting out in the courtyard and also going for walks, but the amazing thing is that for the first time in decades had pain free periods.

He had actually forgotten what that felt like to be pain free.

NOW FOR ME. Hip pain GONE, knee pain GONE, skin improved, but the most astonishing thing of all, that due to a thyroid problem, I had lost a lot of hair, IT’S COMING BACK!!! I can’t believe it.

This for me has been is a great success story.

We discover new things every day, wonderful stuff.


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Eddie Mace.