Umbilical cord stem cell research.

Umbilical cord stem cell research is now attracting a lot of attention.

The basic function of the umbilical cord is to provide blood supply to the embryo or foetus. It also has the important task of providing oxygen to keep the newly forming body alive.

Cord blood is the blood that remains in the cord after birth and because it is also is found in the placenta, it is sometimes called placental blood.

Coed blood is rich in adult stem cells.

This cord blood is now being recognised as a valuable source of stem cells as these cells can be easily reabsorbed into the mother or child without fear of rejection. They also have a higher chance of matching family members.

The significance of cord blood is a new breakthrough in medical science and many people are unfortunately unaware of the importance of this.

Cord blood is also an extremely important component in stem cell research as these cord blood stem cells can be used for the treatment of many diseases.

Being adult stem cells their is no destruction of embryos and therefor is free from disputes in this area.

The use of stem cells is now becoming an important part of part of our future health care.

They are also starting to also play an important role in our longevity because illnesses which were difficult to handle in the past are now responding to stem cell technology.

A very interesting development has now occurred with a product which is scientifically proven to increase the stem cells being produced by our own bodies.

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