Vitamin D deficency.

It is now becoming recognised that Vitamin D deficency is in fact very widespread.

We depend very heavily on our sun exposure to supply us with this very important vitamin.

How much real sun exposure do you actually receive?

Even if we do manage to get to see the sun, we normally are too rugged up to receive any direct exposure to it. This is particularly true during the winter months when we are exposed to all sorts of winter ailments.

(Except perhaps those few of us who live in a tropical climate).

Therefor shortage of vitamin D is extremely common particularly for those of us who live in cities and built up areas.

Most of us work indoors, travel to work obscured from the sun and operate under artificial light.

This is not a natural situation and believe it or not it is now being recognised that we are paying a price for our modern life style in more ways than are generally being recognised.

If you are like most of us, we can’t get sufficient sun exposure. Apart from taking vitamin D supplements there is another solution.

You should inquire about the availability of a safe tanning bed. This can also be an effective solution for this difficult problem. This is not only good for you but is also enjoyable.

The other alternative is to take vitamin D3 supplements. However make sure they are really D3 and not some form of artificial substitute.

Most of us, particularly mature age ladies are now aware that soft or fragile bones can be a serious problem.

These are being affected to a large degree due to our lack of calcium. However just increasing our calcium intake will not necessarily improve this situation if you have a vitamin D deficiency.

VITAMIN D IS ESSENTIAL FOR THE ABSORPTION OF CALCIUM!!! Watch out you mature age ladies as broken hips are becoming more and more common.

There is a lot more information on this important vitamin in the following pages.

Thew importance of this vitamin for our general health is now becoming better recognised.

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