Trans fats.

The risks from trans fats is often brushed aside by some Health Authorities, however the truth is now coming out.

The US National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine has suggested that the only safe level of these fats is zero.

Unfortunately these fats have now penetrated a large area of our food chain.

These trans fats are an hydrogenated form of vegetable oil and these are some of the things you should know about them.

What are they?

They are chemically produced by heating and forcing hydrogen under pressure into the oils structure. This results in changing the liquid oil into a solid form at normal room temperature.

Margarine is a good example.

This product when it is being produced is just a grease and by using colouring and flavoring it is made to look and spread like butter.

(I no longer use margarine but use butter as I now know the dangers of margarine).

These chemically modified fats, have replaced natural fats in many areas, notably in the fast food, snack food, fried food and baked goods industries.

These hydrogenated or chemically treated fats are being used primarily for economic reasons.

They are cheap to produce, reduces refrigeration requirements and extends the useful life of some vegetable oils which are normally prone to go rancid in a short period of time.

You can't bake things like biscuits or cookies using normal vegetable oils, however Margarine is much cheaper than fats like butter or lard.

These modified fats have now replaced the more expensive butter or lard. You only find butter in the most expensive products if you can find them at all.

These hydrogenated fats are also used for deep frying in restaurants because they last longer before going rancid, which means they can be used for longer periods before they have to be disposed of.

By the way some countries are now becoming so aware of the risks associated with trans fats, such as DENMARK, where they are now restricted.

The good news is, as this information is now becoming more readily available, I believe some American states are now aware of the problem and working towards their restriction.

Try where ever possible to avoid processed foods such as, cakes, Pastries, biscuits, cookies because these products are without exception loaded with these modified fats, particularly pastries.


This particularly applies if you wish to protect your health and fitness and particularly to lose weight.

Leave trans fats go to health and fitness.