Health and fitness.

Health and fitness doesn’t seem to bother us much until we get older or we find ourselves overweight and then we start to worry about our figure.

Some of us then start a fitness program with which we persist until we get tired of it and find some excuse to put it off. Like, “I am too busy for the next few weeks”.

This then develops into a few months or years until we suddenly find we can’t fit into our clothes and nothing really fits us.

Then we have to find clothes that will fit us and we might even start a fitness program again. (life’s one problem after another)

I have heard this situation described far much more forcefully and emphatically!+*/-. I am not talking about you of course; I am talking about the girl next door.

Most of us would love to find a program that would work for us without too much trouble. Where we don’t have to do too much or make much effort and everything is easy with great results and getting older doesn't matter.

This of course is a pipe dream.

When we were younger this wasn’t a big problem because we were naturally more active and our health and fitness occurred naturally.

Now however it’s a different story as the years roll on and we need to make a conscious effort to try and remain fit. (It’s all so much trouble trying to keep fit)

One of our big challenges occurs as we realise we are getting older. (Anyone who can solve the problems of getting older would soon be a millionaire).

So what does getting older mean to most of us?

We become restricted in our movements etc, generally through some form of pain or disability and we can’t do what we used to do. (Why do we have to get old, it spoils all all our fun)

Well, I have some good news for you.

No, I can’t stop you getting older; however I now have lots of people like me who are recovering their health and living a happy and active life. (I am 90 years old)and am now fit and well.

If you are interested and want to improve your health I suggest you watch the following.

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