Research stem cells.

A great deal of time and money is now being spent to research stem cells.

This is because this is the area which holds the greatest prospect to improve the health of so many people.

In the past there was great hope in the drug system, but it is now becoming recognised that drugs don’t cure anything. The best they can do is to hide the problem and therefor make life more liveable.

However there is a high price to be paid because all drugs in the long run produce unwanted side effects, some serious and others tolerable.

In the United States there was a report that over 100.000 people died from unexpected side effects or incorrect diagnosis regarding the use of drugs.

It is now recognised that stem cells are the body’s own method of dealing with threats to its welfare.

What happens when you cut yourself or more seriously crack a rib? The body goes into repair mode and carries out its repair. Sure you can put a bandage on the cut and so forth but your body has to carry out the repair. No matter what you do to help, the body itself has to carry out the needed maintenance.

We now know through stem cell research how the body achieves this, it floods the damaged area with stem cells and they bring about the necessary repair.

The trouble is as we get older the availability of stem cells to perform this important function deteriorates and the cells become in short supply so that injuries or illness that you used to easily overcome unfortunately won’t repair like they used to.

Various expensive procedures for the increase of these cells have proved to be successful, but this is way beyond the financial capability of most people.

However there has been a great breakthrough by a research scientist using a natural product which has been scientifically proven to increase the availability of these important cells.

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