Omega 3 sources.

There are a limited number of Omega 3 sources and that is why we are now becoming so short of these important foods in our diets.

Our body itself cannot create or provide us with these critical health components therefore we have to obtain them from our food sources.

We used to be able to acquire them from fish however there are now 2 difficulties with this.

One reason is that a lot of fish now contain mercury because a lot of our oceans and rivers are now contaminated with this poison.

Secondly, we now heavily depend on farmed fish which unfortunately have little if any Omega 3 content.

Salmon used to be an excellent source of Omega 3, but now a tremendous amount of these fish are now farmed and contain practically no Omega 3.

Cod liver oil is an excellent source of this important supplement, however there is a danger here as a lot of this oil now has been contaminated with mercury.

We are now being advised not to eat fish more than once a week.

We used to acquire a reasonable quantity from eggs, but now because most eggs are barn laid they contain very little Omega 3.

Why is this?

Omega 3 has to come from vegetable sources. Chickens which are free roaming produce eggs which are normally rich in omega 3.

Fish acquire their Omega 3 from plankton or other similar vegetable sources. Fish and also chickens normally concentrate the Omega 3 for us.

We also used to get a good supply from our meat but even this supply has dwindled because our meat is now fattened by artificial means and doesn't depend on eating grasses.

There are several sources of purified cod liver oil which are guaranteed free from the dangers of mercury which I personally now use and strongly recommend. (The product I use comes from Norway). There is a degree of risk in using the non-purified form of cod liver oil due to its mercury content.

It’s interesting that fish themselves can’t create Omega 3, they acquire it from eating smaller fish who obviously get it from a vegetable source.

The bottom line is, it all originally comes from vegetable origins.

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