Melatonin is now generating a lot of interest in the medical profession.

This guy on the left sure needs it.

It is a hormone generated in the pineal gland and is most commonly known as a sleep regulator.

Because sleep forms such a vital part in our physical condition is it something which if overlooked can play a big part in our health and welfare.

Whilst stem cells will be becoming and playing a major part in our future medical welfare, never overlook the importance of providing the body with sufficient rest.

Stem cell discoveries are offering great prospects for our future health, but so does our sleep pattern.

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The body uses Melatonin to control our circadian rhythm which in turn controls our sleeping and waking hours.

Its production is heavily controlled by light and that is why it’s desirable to minimise our exposure to bright light prior to retiring.


We now know that Melatonin production is strongly affected by blue or violet light. Why is this so interesting?

Fluorescent lights are now so common, particularly our new type of light bulbs that give off a large amount of blue or violet light. To which by the way, our eyes thenselves are only partially sensitive or responsive. This means, you could have a room flooded with violet light and yet you could barely see what’s happening in the room.

Our supply of this important hormone will be reduced by this blue light without our becoming aware of it and this can heavily affect our sleep pattern.

Unfortunately this important hormone level declines as we get older and after 30 the decline is very significant.

Our bodies repair themselves while we sleep and therefor this has a big effect on our medical welfare and our general health.

Some mature people don’t produce it at all and this can severely affect their sleep pattern and I believe this can shorten their life span.

Because it is a hormone, in some countries Melatonin isn’t readily available over the counter and you will need a Drs prescription. In other countries it is available for long stage air travel to combat sleep patterns and jet lag.

A lot of interesting information is now being discovered.

It is now recognised as a powerful antioxidant because it has the unique power to stimulate other antioxidant’s. It is now believed to be more potent than vitamins C, E and A and this could be because it is soluble in oil and water.

However it cannot be recycled and reused like some other antioxidants.

As we get older and start to take an interest in things like stem cells and our longevity, our sleep pattern is frequently overlooked and I suggest you take whatever steps are necessary to make sure you get your body fully rested.

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