Importance of magnesium.

The importance of magnesium is not generally recognised; magnesium plays a vital part in our well-being and its shortage can adversely affect our health.

Magnesium is necessary for over 300 body functions. It plays an important role in things like bone structure particularly as we get older when we are much more prone to fractures.

Medically, magnesium is well recognised as there are over 3500 references in medical journals therefor it surprises me that its shortage and deficiency is not better understood

Those who are familiar with this important mineral realise it is a valuable relaxation substance and can play a big part in improving our sleep.

Its importance cannot be overstressed as its deficiency can cause inflammation resulting in things like arthritis, polymyalgia, joint pain etc.

While we wait for the great hopes from stem cells, we can in the mean time maintain our body’s essential needs and magnesium should not be forgotten.

This site places great importance on the great potential of stem cell discoveries and I don’t want to minimize this, however there are many things we can do to enhance our well-being and these should not be overlooked.

Our current diet habits and the important part sugar plays is having a bad effect on our health.

See Sugar addiction.

Phosphoric acid which is found in all sorts of soft drinks heavily reduces the benefit magnesium has in our diets.

Another thing of great importance to our magnesium absorption is vitamins, particularly vitamin D,and also vitamin B6 and selenium.

One of the best ways to support your body’s magnesium supply is by the use of magnesium citrate, magnesium taurate, or magnesium orotate.

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