Whilst hunger I am sorry to say, is a major problem in some parts of the world, this is not what I am trying to address here.

This problem does not necessarily only give you trouble due to the lack of food.

Have you ever thought it could be because it’s not the right type of food you are eating?

There could also be a mental factor involved here. Some people may eat to satisfy an underlying emotional problem.

I have seen this type of problem finally resolved by handling an unsuspected or hidden feeling. Have you ever thought that hunger could be an unwanted feeling which you have trouble trying to control?

Unwanted feelings can and do have a vast effect on our lives.

Feelings dominate so much of our lives. We are dedicated to avoid any unwanted feelings and sometimes eating could give us some relief from this feeling. But at what a price,

Bye the way there has also been a huge amount of work now being carried out on stem cells which promises to have a huge effect on our healthcare and could eventually have a large effect on our overeating and hunger.

However, getting back to the type of food we eat. I have just been studying an interesting investigative report by a University research Professor wherein he states that our food and drinks are now heavily loaded with the sweetener FRUCTOSE which he says is a poison and can be a factor in why we also overeat.

This happens because it prevents our body receiving information about how full we are and consequently we can go on eating way beyond what we really need.

FRUCTOSE is normally the sweetener in fruit and is not the same as our normal sugar. However eating fruit is not the problem here.

Scientists have devised a method of producing fructose from corn and a type of acid. This is much cheaper to produce than standard sugar and it is now used extensively in a large amount of our food.

If our body does not receive the signal "we have had enough to eat" then we are still going to feel hunger and of course go on eating.

There however could be another situation which is causing you unwanted and ongoing hunger .

If you are living and depending on eating nothing but carbohydrates this can cause us a lot of trouble. Your body was never intended to survive on carbohydrates alone. Your body could be calling out for proteins, not the cheaper and easy to eat carbohydrates which most of our food consists of.

If you are not sure of the difference between proteins and carbohydrates, you can get a copy of this information quite cheaply probably at any good health food store. I am sure you will find this very interesting.

I suggest you heavily reduce your carbohydrates consumption and concentrate heavily on proteins for a while. I am sure you will be agreeably surprised and as a bonus you may even lose some weight.

May I suggest you also investigate what is now becoming a major area of health care research and visit the following source of valuable information. Leave hunger go to Benefits of stem cell research.

To your future health care with less of the constant feeling you need to eat.

Eddie Mace