Ageing is something we don’t want think about and even less want to talk about, but never the less it catches up with us all sooner or later.

In terms of years, some people get old very young, however some people who are relatively old are still young in outlook and very importantly are still healthy.

The above is largely determined by peoples outlook. However this document is not about psychology but something of a more practical nature.

Anyone who can solve the problem of getting old would soon become a multi millionaire.

However read on. With the discoveries now being made with stem cell research, we may not live forever, however the prospect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle into our latter years is now greatly improved.

In this regard , we have much to be thankful for because great progress is now being made with stem cell research and technology.

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With this stem cell research we are now able to overcome a lot of the various physical difficulties we run into as we get older.

For a long time benefits from this technology were going to be extremely expensive and outside the financial capabilities of most people.

Now however, due to the work of a research scientist, Christian Drapeau.MSc, a great breakthrough has been achieved and for a minimal cost, a lot of people, including myself are having great success in overcoming all sorts of physical problems.

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I am now 91 years old, doing well and believe I have some valuable information to offer.


However, this will only allow me to respond to you and I hope answer any questions you may have.

Good luck in your search, Eddie Mace.