Cell therapy.

Cell therapy is achieved by different cells in our bodies but depends heavily on our stem cells.

The most important aspect of these stem cells is because they are non-specialised and they can therefore become organ specific cells with specific duties or functions.

These cells are found throughout the body but they can be extensively found in our bone marrow.

They are the body’s automatic repair and maintenance system and when something like some form of injury occurs such as a cut or a burn, stem cells will flood the damaged area in order to bring about repairs.

We now know how the body uses stem cells to repair itself from all sorts of difficulties including illnesses.

Unfortunately as we get older the availability of these cells dwindles and is not as easily available for our body maintenance and unfortunately our recovery rate is slowed down considerably.

A lot of research is now being done throughout the world to try and augment the availability of these cells as they provide a tremendous opportunity for recovery from all sorts of illnesses.

There has been a big scientific breakthrough recently with a natural product which has been scientifically proven to increase the supply of these important cells which has resulted in some amazing benefits in the repair of a wide range of physical disabilities.

This has come about from the research of an investigative scientist, Christian Drapeau MSc and if you would like more information on this great discovery

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