Calcium magnesium.

Calcium magnesium plays a major role in our body’s health and well-being.

We often see calcium being promoted as being essential to our health, however magnesium seldom gets mentioned.

Whilst calcium is definitely very important, it has the advantage of being quite plentiful in many parts of our diet and food chain. Analysis shows for instance that cow’s milk contains about 150 mg of calcium per 100 grams Of milk. However the bio availability of calcium from milk is subject to some dispute.

Magnesium’s availability is another matter.

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It is not widely recognised as being deficient in our diets. However there are over 3500 medical references to its importance and our modern diets are sadly lacking in this important mineral.

Things like inflammation of our body can be caused by magnesium shortage and this then leads to a range of illnesses like joint pain and Rheumatoid arthritis etc.

This sparcity can be related to the fact that modern agricultural fertilisers which have to be continuously applied to our depleted soil’s, contain none of this important mineral.

Because plants themselves do not seem to be affected by this deficiency why should farmers go to the expense of including it in their soil fertilisers.

Farmers have their own problems and are driven by cost structures. Their problem is how to produce the maximum result for the minimal outlay and are not concerned about the results the shortage of magnesium may be causing.

The bottom line is, plants do not need magnesium but WE DO.

Magnesium is beneficial for depression and assists with pre-menstrual syndrome. It also helps the parathyroid gland to utilise vitamin D and plays a large role in OUR ABILITY TO UTILISE CALCIUM.

You can take calcium in adequate quantities, however, if you are short of magnesium your body may not be able to absorb the calcium.

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To your good health. Eddie Mace